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Shit. On one hand I remember that I have an ice cream box in the freezer, on the other, to enjoy it I need to wash a spoon.

Life keeps throwing difficult quests 馃槶

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"Can you teach me magic?" the child asked.
"That depends on you," said the wizard.
"Do I need magic talent?"
"No, you need complete faith in yourself, to persuade the universe it is as you picture it."
The child thought about this. "Do any nice people do magic?"
"Not many, no."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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It is not my birthday, do not give me boosts

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@dansup can you include city population to sort results?

@pixeldev np, i will also include a MUCH faster version of "import:city" command. it will also save the life of your SSDs :D

@pixeldev default "memory_limit" of 64M is not enough for import:cities in Docker...

128M works for me. File located at:

should i open an issue or make a pull request?

@Gargron i would want to know if my Mastodon version is up to date

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I can't tune my power saving parameters. I can't have ten workspaces that I switch between easily. I can't use the custom symbol inserter I wrote, which is way faster than any other I've used on _any_ platform.

I can't get my work done as effectively. I also wouldn't enjoy it! Using windows annoys me constantly with little things: the way the start menu works, the way applications lay themselves out on the screen, the way the login screen works, the network preferences and device listing being buried.

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The thing people miss about #desktop #Linux is: it's not that Linux users are using Linux purely for ideology, in most cases. If I could get everything done on Windows in a similar amount of time with a similar level of satisfaction, I probably would.

But I can't. I can't use a tiling WM. I can't use BTRFS or ZFS for my external storage cluster. I can't have a decent package manager or functioning containerization or a command-line driven workflow.

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Look GitLab, when I say "remember me", I don't mean "log me out after two weeks", I mean this is my fucking computer just let me stay logged in for god's sake

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.42 release preview - MuWire Anonymous File-Sharing Coming to I2P soon!

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