Basic rules:

  • Be nice!
  • Keep this place safe for kids!
  • Don't break the place!

Full list of rules:

  • - be nice (it's not hard)
  • -- no racism
  • -- no sexism
  • -- no homophobia
  • -- no transphobia
  • - no hate speech (not on this instance!)
  • - no offensive posts (of any kind)
  • - try to avoid usage of strong language
  • - no spam (nobody likes spam)
  • - don't post content that is illegal in European Union, USA and Switzerland
  • - no links to illegal content (because that's illegal)
  • - keep copyrights in mind (post only things you have right to share with this instance, other instances and other people)
  • - no straight up nudity (nobody wants to see your dick)
  • - no porn (the're many other instances for that)
  • - no promotion of drugs (pictures of drugs, usage of drugs, etc...)
  • - no promotion of guns (pictures of guns, usage of guns, etc...)
  • - no promotion of violence (pictures of violence, etc...)
  • - mark NSFW content if needed (think about people at work)
  • - don't break the place (why would you?)
  • - don't try to break the place (you are not the only one who shares this instance)
  • - report all bugs / abuse cases (be a responsible person)
  • - we use browser cookies! (just deal with it)
  • - out servers logs stuff (like any other server)
  • - no 100% uptime guarantee (we'll try to keep it as close as possible to 100%)
  • - your account/content can be deleted/blocked by an admin at any time for any reason without warning or notification
  • - rules and conditions may change at any time without notice

Nobody is perfect! This also includes moderators, admins and owners of this and any other instances. We might miss some bad posts and behaviors. Please report any rule violations or any other issues worth looking into. Please keep in mind that we can't respond to every report or message.


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